Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition Supports PS3 Motion Controller

Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition was announced during the TGS 2009 and surprisingly, it supports the PS3 Motion Controller. When you are playing as Chris Redfield, you could use the Motion Controller for deciding what happens in the game and how you tackle the fighting, instead of a regular controller. Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition is not half as scary as its previous installments as the stress is mo0re towards action and fighting.

resident evil 5 motion controller

In fact, you are never left alone and would be more in touch with your aggressive instincts than the fear instinct which was the selling point of previous versions of the game. Sheva Alomar would be your partner and she does not come with physical strength but makes up for it through her intelligence and tact. The game becomes quite interesting as it supports the Motion Controller and that is one of the reasons why Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition is eagerly expected.

You could go ahead and kick all the bio-terrorists and black market guys’ butts and show the baddies what it is like to fight against Chris Redfield. You could check out one of the Resident Evil 5 Action Figures in which Chris Redfield looks like a Greek god. The Resident Evil Zombie T-shirt is just for you if you like playing sick practical jokes on your friends at a house party.

Via: PlayStation Lifestyle

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