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 Executive Editor- Federico Lo Giudice

Executive Editor: Federico Lo Giudice

He’s a total nerd with even nerdier interests, including reading sci-fi, playing the latest video games, listening to indie music, surfing the Internet, indulging in memes and everything related to the things that just plain ol’ geeky people do. Federico is also the editor at Walyou español.

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 Contributing Writer - Santiago Casini

Contributing Writer: Santiago Casini

Santiago is 23 years old and has spent most of his years playing video games. He always admired Nintendo for its original franchises, but his allegiance has been to PlayStation since always. His favorite games of all times are Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, in no particular order.

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Contributing Writer: Alexander Nachaj

Alexander has been gaming since the 80s, ever since he first set eyes on a ‘Space Invaders’ arcade machine at a family diner. Since then he’s avidly kept up with every generation of home consoles. Currently he spends his time becoming a board game aficionado, watching horror movies, playing Banjo and reading way too much Stephen King.

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Contributing Writer: Bernie Mota

Since the age of 6 or 7, possibly earlier, gaming has always been a keen interest of him. He loves the vivid creativity and the instant spark of fun that most games can provide. He loves to write and share with his readers his passion.

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Contributing Writer: Jasmine Henry

Jasmine is one of our resident PlayStation experts, a writer and gamer first and foremost. The only thing Jasmine enjoys as much as video games is the synergy with the readers and providing them with only the best.

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Contributing Writer : Ehud Riven

Ehud has a true geek’s perspective about games, and loves the art that surrounds everything in the Playstation universe. His main interests are gadgets, blogging, and social media.

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Founder of Ps3Maven : Tal Siach

Tal loves to read & write about cool gadgets, new PlayStation games, Internet startups and tech innovation. He’s a big fan of geek art, gaming in general, and design, and has a special kind of love for Thundercats.

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Marketing & Community Manager : Netta Siach Lindenfeld

Netta is in charge of all our connections, PR releases, products reviews and giveaways.

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PS3Maven Junior Writers

At Ps3maven, we give the chance to budding reporters to experience the blogging world as we sponsor and nurture upcoming writers.

Our Junior Writers include:  BenDaveJeremyPabloTomMatteoVladJacobJaiVignyanSonali