PSN Partners With Amazon To Sell Digital Content

Sony and Amazon are coming together to share the love of PlayStation content with a PSN web portal that should hopefully bring the best of both worlds.

Amazon PSN Store image

Competition in the retail space is a good thing for consumers. It means lower prices, which in a cash-strapped economy is a blessing from the gods. Since the inception of Sony’s digital storefront though, that hasn’t been the nearly case – unless you happen to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber savoring all those tasty PS+ discounts. With no retail alternative to compete against, prices for games offered digitally through PSN tend to almost never come down even after months, heck even years, since their release.

That might all change – and thank goodness – with the exciting news of PSN digital content now available through Sony is promising that over 100 PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games, downloadable content, and soon enough titles from the PlayStation 4, can be bought from the online retail giant and then activated via digital codes through PSN. And, of course, the best outcome of this huge partnership, is the potential great deals on games that Amazon has prided itself on throughout the virtual landscape.

Just hop on ever to the PlayStation Store on Amazon to experience it all, and do so quite soon. Why exactly? Well, right now as an inaugural celebration, Sony is giving away a $5 credit towards a list PSN content bought from Amazon. The list, which can be found here (click me please!), covers some of the hottest titles out right now, items like The Last of Us, FIFA 14, and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. The offer also covers their season DLC passes.

Don’t forget that the PlayStation 4 launches this Friday, and we here at PS3 Maven will be going crazy with PS4 related content – where to find midnight launches and why EA Sport will dominate next gen – to share with you in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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