PS3 DJ Hero Site is Up


All these weeks we had been waiting for the conformation of DJ Hero and we had previously written about the Tiesto on DJ Hero Rumor. Gamers who wanted a game that had to do with mixing and editing sounds always have craved for a game that was targeted at them. Thus, DJ Hero is no longer a rumor and has finally been confirmed by the CEO of Activision. There is also an official website for the eager fans to visit.

However, the website is almost promotional in nature and has no information whatsoever about the game. DJ Hero expectants can go register their names and email addresses on the site and when there is further information available, registered fans would receive an email. The game also seems to be not rated at the moment and the sit asks for age confirmation, which according to me is a little weird considering it is about DJing and not slaying people.

The official site features cheering voices and a static image of a turntable. We could expect the DJ Hero on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 going by the logos on the site. Moreover, I expect it to be released on the PSP as well, as it is not explicitly mentioned and only the PlayStation logo is visible. For now, we do not have much information about the price or availability but registering on the site would solve all the problems.

Via: Electric Pig

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