PSP Snake Stand Bundle Kit


If you were looking for a cool and crazy stand for your PSP 2000 or 3000 series, Brando has just launched the Multi-Shape Cobra Stand Bundle kit. It comes with a traditional vacuum hook stand and a multi shape stand. You could use the vacuum hook stand to attach to any surface and it measures 26 cm long.


The Multi-Shape stand measures 92cm long and you could virtually bend it to a shape which pleases you. These stands are not only easy to install but can easily help you change the viewing angle as they can be turned 360 degrees.


It may even reduce pains in your body and facilitate better posture and reduce fatigue. As the punch line goes, you could wrap, clip and play this cool thing. The idea might just have been to make your PSP more portable than it ever was! Both the models come to you at a flat price of $23, which is quite a bargain if you ask me.


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