PS3 Black Cyclone Pro Stick 3 is Luxuriously Big

If you are looking for a really cool controller for your PS3 and were tired of the present one, you should give a thought or two about this awesome PS3 Black Cyclone Pro Stick 3. The mean little “thang” is actually pretty big, and that gives a lot of comfort to hold.

ps3 controller pro arcade stick

It comes with 10 classic function buttons and it is custom designed in order to enhance the game play of any fighting series. The controller also comes with a multi-directional joystick which is advanced enough to provide superior control. You would not even have to worry about the controller slipping and you being punched right in the face, as it comes with a non0-slip pad and provide you absolute control when fighting with an opponent.

It could be connected with the PS3 using the USB port. The best part about the product is the long cord of 3 meters which means you could practically sit anywhere in a midsized room. At about $39, the PS3 Black Cyclone Pro Stick 3 is something you would not want to miss at all. If you are looking for a controller to play flight games, try the Saitek Aviator Joystick. If you would rather play Guitar Hero, try the Logitech Guitar Hero Controller.

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