Stylish Metal Gear Solid Sneakers

Video games and fashion do not actually go well together, though it has been attempted many times before. However, the Metal Gear Solid shoes designed by UCLA student Jacob Patterson wowed the crowd at the E3 convention. The awesome shoes come with graphics illustrated on the sides of the shoes which depict scenes from the Metal Gear Solid title. Patterson is planning to speak with Kojima and the rest of them in order to get these shoes mass produced by Puma.


There would certainly be a good market for these shoes, and many would actually be too happy to wear shoes that reflect their gaming tastes. However, Puma may not want to manufacture only Metal gear Solid shoes as that would not represent a larger video game community. If Patterson or someone else creates other sneakers with different video game titles.


There is no information about how much these shoes might cost if and when manufactured and Metal Gears Solid fans may have to wait for a long time for it materialize. If you can’t wait for the shoes, try the Metal Gear Solid Snake Embroidery Stitch. If embroidery sounds too sill for you, the Metal Gear 4 Lego Gun is the weapon of choice. The Metal Gear Custom Figures are rather cool too. I guess it is not too difficult to wait for the shoes after all!


Via: Geekologie

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