Embroidery Stitch of Metal Gear Solid Snake


Julia knew what would be the best gift for her hard core gamer brother. She went ahead and crafted a beautifully embroidered stitch piece of work, inspired by Old Snake from Metal Gear Solid.


She herself has never played the game but the fact that she is born with deft fingers and aesthetic sense is enough to know that she couldn’t go wrong in creating the Old Snake. She used satin, split stitch and some imaginative skills. She has left the white areas remain so, but they add a certain contrast to the other colors she has used.

Metal Gear Solid fans must really be happy that there is some art work dedicated to their favorite pastime. Gaming has always inspired some of the most innovative art designs ever and we have already featured quite a few. You could check out the Zbrush 3D Kratos or the Sackboy Tattoo, to name a few.

Via: SpriteStitch

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