3D Kratos from God of War using Zbrush


As if Kratos was not bad enough already, here is a beautiful touch up of a 3D Kratos to elevate the PS3 God of war 3 hype that has been increasing daily.

Created by Samar Vijay as a quick study with Zbrush, this Kratos seems even angrier than we already know him. In these extremely detailed 3D Kratos images, we can even see his veins that illustrate the rage and power even more than before.

The new God of War 3 video game for the PS3 will probably deliver just as great entertainment as the previous games, but the wait is still upon us. That is why it is always great to find different places, artists and more that take the time between such amazing releases and bring up cool designs such as this realistic Kratos.

Thanks Samar for the images!


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