Little Big Planet Daft Punk Remake


Daft Punk has been one of the most outspoken House bands ever and could very well be the pioneer of French House. Played across nightclubs worldwide, the band does not seem to be losing any popularity with time whatsoever. How could one forget tracks like around the World, Robot Rock and others? These classic House tracks are now combined in one single video and given a Sackie flavor to result in a totally crazy concoction.

The proof of their popularity and their ability to connect with today’s generation can be proven with this awesome Little Daft Punk video. The video has Sackboy dancing to the tunes of daft Punk and the video has been pimped to suit Little Big Planet and the premise of Sackie. I guess, it would be no surprise if one saw Daft Punk dressing up as characters from Little Big Planet while performing live.

The part where Sackie starts singing like Daft Punk is something that truly cannot be missed! This video is not only hilarious but is a must watch for all Little Big Planet fans and lovers of Daft Punk. There was also this other Sackboy Video we had featured sometime ago. If you are not inclined towards popular music, you could check out Little Big Planet Contra on the other hand.

Via: Destructoid

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