Little Big Planet Costumes Video Collection is Spectacular

Little Big Planet is an interesting puzzle platform and is one of the most popular user-generated video games for the PS3. The game is all about how the player controls small avatars called the Sackboy or the Sackgirl. Since the game is user-generated itself, we could expect to see a lot of ingenious products available Online.

GG_NO_BBQ on the PSN has compiled and made an amazing video (seen below) of some really awesome looking costumes of these avatars. The costumes include that of Kratos, Minotaur, space suit, mega man, Iron man, Mario, Cyclops, Spawn, and of course, Nariko.

If one were to look closely, they do appear quite impressive and contacting the guy may help us in getting them faster and in a more secure away.  You could also check out the other Little Big Planet Costumes collection we have featured earlier or learn How to Make a Little Big Planet Costume.

Via: YouTube

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