Little Big Planet Sackboy Costumes Collection

Little Big Planet for the PS3 is gaining a lot of popularity, and with the amazing Sackboy character, it is receiving a lot of great backing by Playstation fans and also people that simply love this little guy (or girl). As with most popular video games and characters, the PS3 Community and others have decided to create many different Sackboy costumes to show its coolness, fashion sense, and the ability to have a lot of fun.

Below we have collected many different Little Big Planet Sackboy Costumes from around the web to present the PS3 Little Big Planet game characters in many different angles. Some of these Sackboys are cute, some are far from, but all provide amazing costume creativity and imagination.

Which Sackboy Character below is your favorite?

Zelda Link Sackboy Costume

Image: Boardsus

Sackboy Jones and the Little Big Planet

Image: Gamespot

Sackboy Jones and the Kingdom of the Sackboy Skulls

Image: Gamespot

Sackboy as Snake from Metal Gear Solid

Image: AnimeTedFox

Image: Roger T Ward


Image: 4ColorRebellion

Image: TheFalcon

Little Big Planet Pouch

Image: Nerve

Sackboy Character Creation Competition

Image: InfiniteLives

Images: Stolen LBP Sackboy Costume

Image: TastyGoldFish

Image: KingPenguin1029

Image: KillerCubivore

Image: GameSpot

Image: Neogaf

Ground Control to Major Sackboy

Image: LBPNation

War is Coming

Image: Multivitamin

The Ladies Man for Little Big Planet

Image: Dan Dickinson


Image: Stitchlily

Giant Sackboy Costume

Image: SebFlyte

The Joker

Image: Gamespot

Image: Mediamolecule

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