PS3 Controllers Made of Soap


These cool soap creations of different colored PS3 controllers are certainly amazing and parents would be excited if they were used as frequently as real PS3 controllers, or at least a few times a day.


Digital Soap has a variety of colors, scents, and oils that these PS3 Controllers soaps come in, so it not only fits your personal needs but your gaming smell preference. There are some gamers that would prefer just to clean germs while others may like a strong scent to keep them going through long gaming sessions.


It is a good idea, these soaps, since they help bring the gaming fun in the bathroom and also make sure we do not neglect our bodies.


There are too many combinations to list, so just a few scents and oils offered for these soaps are: Blackberry, Coconut Lime, Grapefruit Jasmine, Hot Fudge Brownie, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and the different colors can be seen in the images.


Gamers can now get clean with the PS3 controllers soaps and hopefully it will also help our results when we smell better and decrease the germ resin after hours and days of sitting in the same place.


Digital Soaps Etsy’s Store

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