Fight for Love Under Heavy Rain!

They say, every decision that we make is marked by our own free will. While that is so, it also implies that every decision that we make carries our responsibility and we need to bear the consequence.

heavy rain

With that theme in mind, here is a cool game called Heavy Rain for only $56, which features accessible gameplay thanks to contextual and intuitive interface and controls.

heavy rain image

The story is shaped by every decision that you make, and the game comes with 4 playable characters which means even if a character dies, you could play as the other one. Thanks to stunning graphics, you could enjoy mature content, realistic world setting and a deeply thought provoking storyline.

heavy rain character

Heavy Rain is a psychological thriller about love, murder and suspense. The murdered kills his victims exactly 4 days after kidnapping them. If that is too gory and scary for you, you could try and play other games like Resident Evil 5 and God of War 3. I would however love to play the suspense filled Heavy Rain, and see how far one can go for the person he/she loves!

heavy rain action

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