Sony Proved To Be The Best Protector With The Last Guardian

Sony has proved it that they are not only good with devices like Play Stations, TV, and Stereos etc. but even rock when it comes to designing games. Their latest game “The Last Guardian” has such a catchy name that it really encourages the gamer to go forward and try this game, just by reading the name.

The Last Gurdian Game 7

This is a stylish, thematic game with a plot which revolves around a bond of growing friendship between a boy and Trico which is a large, feathered creature which looks like a griffin. The creature has shown to be having spears and arrows fixed in its back and is captured and bounded by chains. Later it is rescued and has been shown, attacking an armored soldier.

The Last Gurdian Game 6

Being a third person perspective game with a combination of action-adventure and puzzle, the player has to control the unnamed boy who can do things like running, jumping, climbing and other actions. He also has to use the environment smartly and silently to defeat the enemies i.e. the guards.

The Last Gurdian Game 5

The best thing about this game is that the player can make the boy climb, ride and control the movement of the giant beast who becomes the boy’s friend.

The Last Gurdian Game 1

Although the creature is quite hostile towards the player in the beginning, as time passes by it gets close to him. The player also has to take care of the creature by feeding and caring for it.

The Last Gurdian Game 2

Being exclusively designed for Play Station 3 and its release dates has been conformed as 31st December 2010, it’s excellent graphics and outstanding music is sure to give the players a wonderful time. The price tag of $56.99 is worth playing the game. You can see the official trailer below.

You can play more such game in PS3 like Last Rebellion and Heavy Rain , will deeply attract you.

20 thoughts on “Sony Proved To Be The Best Protector With The Last Guardian

  1. Fuzia .

    “You can play more such game in PS3 like Last Rebellion and Heavy Rain , will deeply attract you.”

    Well, that was the most stupid thing I have heard in ages.
    Those two games are not even comparable to each other.

  2. alex c .

    Motorstorm 1,2, 3
    Twisted Metal 7
    Ace combat 7
    The mark of kri / rise of kasai…. 3* new name* *secret*
    Uncharted 1,2 3
    Resistance 1,2, 3
    Killzone 3
    Gran turismo 5
    Grand theft auto 5
    Modnation racers
    syphon filter 5
    The last guardian
    infamous and infamous 2
    God of war 1,2, 3
    yakuza 3 & 4 in japan
    final fantasy 13 & 14.
    ratchet and clank
    demon souls
    3d dot game heroes
    white knight chronicles,

  3. InjuredNinja .

    Thanks for the recap. Can you cite your source for the release date, I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  4. Seiryuki .

    Is the cover art real? Looks real to me, but I haven’t seen the web notifying on this artwork.

    The game has an expected release date as “sometime 2010”. I’m guessing that 31st Dec 2010 is a very safe bet. However, I haven’t seen anything on this game yet and the year is almost half-way through. But then again, being a perfectionist and an artist, showing off too much is not good for this type of game.

    I believe that the game may be released after a showing/announcement at TGS2010. But we should see something at E3 in June.

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  8. suba suba .

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