Square-Enix’s ‘Winter of RPGs’ Announced, Tis’ The Season For Classic RPGs

Starting November 8th through December 6th, three note-worthy role-playing games from publisher Square-Enix get their due on the PlayStation Network.

Chrono Cross Box Image

Winter is known for many things, eating about a year’s worth of turkey & gravy, soccer moms assaulting each other over discounts for electronics, and a big jolly fat man trying to fit down a chimney (I kid, Santa, I kid). This time though, big-name publisher Square-Enix wants to add a fourth to that festive (or not so festive) list with their newly announced “Winter of RPGs” campaign.

It all begins on November 8th, as the game company known for their large library of classic role-playing games, brings out three of them to the PlayStation Network, the first of which being 2000’s Chrono Cross. You might remember Chrono Cross as the not really sequel to Chrono Trigger – a.k.a. one of the best RPGs ever, yo – and a pretty popular PlayStation One game that, like it’s predecessor, changes up RPG norms by introducing a complex plot which takes place through many alternate dimensions.

Final Fantasy VI Image

Closely following that will then be two entries from Square-Enix’s own flagship series, with the releases of Final Fantasy V (on November 22nd) and finally, Final Fantasy VI (on December 6th.) Two great games, one superbly expanding on the jobs system first introduced in Final Fantasy III, which would be Final Fantasy V, and the other Final Fantasy VI, a stellar series stand-out with a fantastic soundtrack by celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu – oh, you betcha I’m thinking of the Opera scene.

There’s no prices for any of these three RPGs yet, but you and I know for sure they’ll come with the expected (and dreaded) “Square-Enix tax.” So instead of the standard $6.99 price for most PSone Classics, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI will most likely fetch a jolly $9.99, once released. Hardly a pinch on the wallet if you ask me though, unless you’re saving up for many of the late year sales that will be a plenty — such as special Game of the Year editions or PlayStation 3/Vita bundles. If that’s the case then, get down with your bad money-saving self!

Via: Game Informer

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