PSP Car Mount and Charger Design


Gregory Lavender has designed the PSP Auto Station for Radica games Ltd, and the device certainly is something worth talking about. The PSP as we all know is portable and hence would always like to carry it while we are driving and maybe play games when we find time to do so. The PSP Auto Station allows you access your PSP in a better fashion when you are driving. It comes with a hard plastic exterior brushed metal.


The suction cup sticks to the window and you would also not have to worry about managing cords. Using the Auto Station, the PSP can also be charged when being used, which makes it all the more portable and functional. The coolest feature of this gadget is the flexibility that it provides, as you can not only stick the PSP to the windows, but also to any other flat surface you may find.


While providing greater access to your PSP and managing the unsightly cords, it also allows you to play games and charge it as well. The PSP Auto Station certainly is one of the more important travel gadgets to buy especially if you like to carry your PSP along with you when you are driving. You may also want to try the different PSP Mods and the PSP Arcade Stand we had featured earlier.

Wonderful PSP design Gregory… Thanks for the photos.

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