8 Exciting PS4 Announcements from Gamescom

Sony’s Gamescom press conference bought us a plethora of brand new announcements for the PS4 and you can read the eight best reveals from the show right here.

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There are few things as exciting as the release of a brand new games console. New hardware suddenly makes next-generation gaming a real, tangible prospect and with super HD gaming and increased connectivity on the cards, it’s not hard to see why everyone is interested. The PS4 is the next-gen console set to make the biggest waves with Sony promising that their new game box will put the focus on games instead of gimmicks, but there are still many questions about the console, such as its release date. The company have taken to the stage at Gamescom to clear PS4 queries up and reveal plenty more about the console and you can read the top eight here.

1. PS4 Release Date

Easily the biggest announcement from Gamescom was that of the PS4’s release date. Everyone is chomping at the bit for when it will be out and now we finally know. For those in North America, the PS4 release date is November 15th and for those in Europe the PS4 release date is November 29th. The two week difference is likely to cope with demand, given that according to Sony, the console has logged over 1 million pre-orders already.

2. Twitch TV on PS4

One massive, highly anticipated feature of the PS4 is the ‘Share’ button, a button on the new and improved DualShock that allows users to upload gameplay footage straight to the web, with option of livestreaming also being included. Sony teaming up with Twitch TV means that those not accustomed to UStream, who are looking for a solely game streaming service, will have yet another option of broadcasting their game playing skills.

3. PS4 Freebies

We already know that PS4 is going to offer up some free gaming in terms of PlayStation Plus (the paid multiplayer service that also comes with free games and content) but developer of the PS4 exclusive FPS, Killzone : Shadowfall used Gamescom to promise free DLC. The team say that post-launch, they will support the game with free multiplayer maps, meaning that you’ll be getting a real bang for your buck once Killzone : Shadowfall is out

4. inFamous : Second Son on PS4

The key thing to the PS4’s success will be whether or not its games are up to scratch and one of the hotly tipped prospect for fulfilling that is inFamous : Second Son from Sucker Punch Productions. Allowing you to fill the super-powered boots of Delsin Rowe, fire, smoke and a plethora of other powers will be available to you in the superhero sandbox game all within the PS4’s launch window as they’ve announced the release date as ‘February 2014’.

5. Tearaway on PS4?

Media Molecule are the genius minds behind LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2 on PS3 and now, their title Tearaway is set to make its debut on PS3. Media Molecule say that they could very well bring the title to PS4 too, which would be a huge plus for the system as the game utilises multiple control systems including elements that require touchscreens.

6. PS4 Playroom

Discussed on ps3maven before is Playroom, a piece of PS4 software that makes good use of multiple screen controls, motion control and alternate reality and now, Sony have announced that it will come pre-installed on every PS4 console. Not only will this teach everyone how to get the most out of their games, it’ll also be a great deal of fun!

7. PS4 Online Gaming Partnerships

A huge low blow to the next generation of consoles is the fact that not everyone has a high speed Internet connection with which to access online multiplayer. At Gamescom, Sony announced partnerships with broadband providers in which dedicated bandwidth will be provided just for gaming, meaning that your Internet connection will be tailored to give you a smooth gaming experiences.

8. PS3 to PS4 Games

The problem with multi-format games is that some of them happen to be released before that November release date and, if you want to get your hands on their gameplay before you pick up a PS4, you may jump the gun. Luckily, Sony promised a new transaction that will allow you to buy the PS4 version of those games for a “significantly discounted price”, should you already own the PS3 version, helping you to save money.

Sony will likely make even more PS4 announcements ahead of the November release date so we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

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