PlayStation 4 Booting Up Video Tests Console Noise

How quite is the PlayStation 4 on start up? This video gives us a partial answer.

PS4 image 2

Sony has repeatedly claimed that the PlayStation 4 is a quiet machine, apparently even more quiet than their previous console efforts. That’s a pretty lofty declaration on their part – and we all know what happens when Sony makes lofty declarations (poor, poor Vita) – but if this recent bit of evidence has any relevance, it might well be true.

Provided by GamesMediaHQ by way of Sony PR manager Hugo Bustillos, is a booting video of the PlayStation 4. And surprisingly short as it may be – heck, its only 26 seconds long – it does give a fairly interesting impression on the initial noise level for the console. Maybe not a proper testing, but again, it’s just a first impression.

Things of note in this video, first and foremost, is how silent the start up is. It’s pretty darn silent, for darn sure. But I would like to see how quiet the machine is after a few hours of use, or when its really being put through its processing paces. Not that I’m expecting Airbus a380 engine levels of noise feedback, though. Sony knows how to make efficient electronics.

I really do love that pulsating blue light that appears alongside the PS4’s booting. Reminds me of Knight Rider — which is 80s sunglasses cool. Of course, I can understand the distraction that light might be for others; seriously, if the blue light on the back of the PS4’s controller grinds your gears, this must push you over into volcanic rage.

Let’s hope Sony releases more sample footage of the PlayStation 4 in action, especially in regards to its noise levels (it would have been nice to at least hear a start up jingle). And even if they don’t, I would expect the usual who’s who of tech aficionados will provide their own professional tests to measure the console’s true sound output.

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