5 Games We’d Love to See on PS4

The PS3 was part of one of the best gaming gens in history with some incredible games too, but what will PS4 hold? Here’s our list of games we’d like to see.

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When the PS3 was released all the way back in 2006, to say we were impressed would be an understatement. It even boasted fancy ‘cell’ technology that Sony had created to make one of the best gaming consoles this world had ever seen. But that was almost 7 years ago and while the console has some of the most well-made games of all time, the technological capabilities have increased beyond almost anything that anyone but the developers had ever dreamed of. Needless to say, while the tech has moved on and the PS4 is right around the corner, plenty of the games and ideas still hold their own, so here’s a our list of the games that we would love to see on Sony’s shiny, new console, along with a handy rating as to whether or not we think we’ll see them get a PS4 release.

All of the games below are ranked with : Not a Chance, 50/50 and Be Ready to Pre-Order, to help you know just how likely we think a PS4 release is.

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1. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is the game in development from the same team behind the Ico series featuring a boy and his Cat/Dog/Bird thing. While the unknown creature that accompanies the lead has beautiful shimmering feathers decorating its back, there’s all the chance that a game as ambitious as this could very well not be released until we are all old, grey, and perhaps playing the PlayStation 38 by the time we see it get a release. It’s been in development for years and while we haven’t heard much from it lately (or in the past few years at all) bar whisperings of a game with a troubled development, there’s still a good chance it will make it onto PS3, and, with the upcoming console generation not far off, it could make it onto PS4. SCE boss Shuhei Yoshida also recently admitted that the game is in a “re-engineering” stage so that could absolutely mean it’s headed to the PS4.

Will we see it on PS4? : Be Ready to Pre-Order

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2. An Uncharted Sequel

One of the most surprising facts about Naughty Dog’s latest blockbuster title, The Last of Us, was that the developer was actually split in half to make it. The team that worked on TLOU was actually just half of the studio and the game was made as the other half worked on the last big console (as opposed to handheld console based) Uncharted title, Uncharted:  Drake’s Deception. That Uncharted game came out all the way back in 2011 meaning that half of the team who didn’t work on TLOU will have had quite a lot of time on their hands. Maybe they went away for a two year vacation? Unlikely, meaning that instead, what is likely is a brand spanking new Uncharted title giving us even more reasons to buy a PS4. However, Sony are keeping quiet on the title, should it exist, which is a little unusual considering how much it could drive PS4 sales. That being said, they might just be holding their cards to their chest and there’s some time before a hype cycle would need to start.

Will we see it on PS4? : 50/50

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3. A Heavy Rain Sequel

Their latest game isn’t even out yet and the question is already being asked ‘what’s next?’ for David Cage’s Quantic Dream studio. Notoriously, Quantic Dream don’t make sequels. In just about every interview I’ve read of Cage’s where he’s been asked about Heavy Rain 2, the man from France has offered a categorically disappointing ‘no’, to those wanting another outing of his grim tale about a man on a quest to save his son. As unlikely as Heavy Rain 2 is and that it would get a release on PS4, we could absolutely see a spiritual successor to the title make its way to next-generation. Beyond : Two Souls, the studio’s latest title was a spiritual successor to Heavy Rain which in turn was spiritual to Fahrenheit (one of Quantic Dream’s early games) and as Cage and his team love to push the boundaries of technology and storytelling, whatever their next project is, it will be great, without a torrential downpour of the liquid stuff.

Will we see it on PS4? : Not A Chance

God of War 3 screenshot

4. God of War 4

Technicalities aside, while God of War : Ascension was the fourth game in the big console based God of War series, it was an origins story, depicting how Kratos, the God of War himself and the series’ character lead, became such a grizzled, hard nut that we see in the (chronologically) later games. God of War 3 is the most recent title in terms of the series’ timeframe and featured as many gods as you could hide in Zeus’ massive beard. Along with some truly epic boss fights, it also featured some giant puzzles to traverse through as well as a ride on a Titan’s back. But with PS4, the improved technology means that you can go bigger, and, most importantly, better. God of War 4 would likely be a best-seller on the console, as well as being able to get people to buy the PS4 and not the Xbox One but it would be so ambitious that it would be hard to speculate what would be in it it, let alone when it would be released, but Sony might want to go the ambitious route and seem to be committed to the series so I wouldn’t rule it out just yet.

Will we see it on PS4? : Be Ready to Pre-Order

Journey screenshot

5. Journey

Journey is the title that the critics loved. Not a gun or a giant death robot with lasers in sight, instead, developer thatgamecompany crafted a beautiful game which pits the player as a piece of cloth on…a journey. You can even travel the game world with a friend but communication is limited to simple chime sounds which the character can produce. It’s these kinds of experiences that Sony seems to be keen to emulate on PS4 and could be the very reason as to why they’ve enlisted so many indie developers to produce games for their upcoming console. As Journey is almost entirely unique to anything video games have ever seen before, it could do well on PS4, perhaps with upgraded visuals from the PS3 version. It fits in well with Sony’s PS4 ideal and so this has an incredibly good chance of making the leap to the next generation.

Will we see it on PS4? : Be Ready to Pre-Order

Do you have any games that you’d like to see on PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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