New PS3 System Update Version 4.50 Is Live

The latest system update for the PlayStation 3 now gives auto system software downloads to all PlayStation users, but that’s not all.

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The latest system update for the PlayStation 3 is a go-go folks, and even though Sony’s main sights are on getting its successor – the PlayStation 4 – ready for a rapidly approaching November 15 launch in North America, it’s quite generous of them to still be looking out for PS3 users. Like, seriously, where was this Sony seven years ago.

Now, the laundry list of new features in update version 4.50 isn’t that long – you could really just boil them down to four bullet points, honestly – but they are some really nifty ones I have to say; off the bat, the power to automatically download system software updates (like the kind this story is about), which before was only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Again, Sony, you are too, too kind in not putting basic amenities behind a paywall (although, online multiplayer still kind of ruffles my feathers.) You could say an auto system update feature like this one should have been offered from the console’s very start without PS Plus, and you’d be right in saying so, but it’s nice at to finally have the option.

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More options this update brings to table is the support of auto downloads for items purchased via the PlayStation Network’s Web Store. And if you haven’t been using the Web Store for PSN, you really should. It has a pretty snappy user interface – probably better than the actual PS Store, but then that’s not a high bar to cross all things considered.

To be fair to the PS Store though, its slacking performance is due to hardware RAM limitations. Not a problem going forward with the PS4 and it’s 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. And even if current PS3 users may never see such speeds, at least they’ll be able to buy games away from home and have them waiting for to be played on their return – the same with PS4 users.

Next on the list we’ve got new trophy privacy settings, which for PS3 users who longed to hide all mention of having played Haze (hey guys, remember Haze?), you can now do so from the settings menu. You can only hide them though, and not completely erase them from you or your PS3 memories, but hopefully that will come in later down the line.

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Lastly, and not leaving out its plucky handheld in the firmware 4.50 news, Sony also integrated wi-fi or ethernet connected transfers between the PS3 and PS Vita. Good I say, because having to dig out that blasted proprietary cable just to back-up saves or load games on to the Vita from the PS3 was a big ole’ pain in the rump. Thank you, based Sony.

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