Playstation 3 New Bionic Commando Video

Bionic Commando is making a comeback with great new moves, better graphics, and a lot more detail in the new Playstation 3 video game.

I remember Bionic Commando when I was a lot younger. It was such an old favorite back in the days with all the hooks and stunts that were well worth the time and effort. In this new Bionic Commando video, those same things are back, but in a better way.

The video below shows the new Bionic Commando video game with actual gameplay, moves, and variety. It does look impressive and enhanced, but will it be provide too many things to follow? Will the simplicity be missed?

It seems it is a great updated version, but I still wonder on the actual usability.

Other classic making a return are the Street Fighter II in HD and Prince of Persia in a great new version as well.

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