Pearl Jam’s New Album to be Released as Rock Band DLC

When Pearl Jam started as a Seattle grunge band, they had no idea what the music industry would come to be and that music and gaming would have to co-exist after a couple of decades. So here they are getting their own rock Band title ready and it would be released on the same day their new album Backspacer would be released.

pearl jam new album on rock band

Hence, on September 20th Pearl Jam fans are in for a treat and they would get the new album as downloadable content. In fact, the new album would be released as Rock Band DLC.  There is no information about the dedicated Pearl Jam title yet, but apparently the band is seeking suggestions from their fans in order to decide which songs must be included in the game.

It would be amazing to have the grunge rockers on PS3 in the form of Rock Band as we have seen a lot of other bands already in the game. Though there was Pearl Jam’s Ten album featured on Rock Band, there had not been a dedicated Pearl Jam title yet. I guess with this new title, Rock Band would garner a whole new audience which would include players from a non mainstream crowd as Pearl Jam appeals to the more mature and savvy listeners.

There was also this Beatles PS3 Game which we had written about earlier, just in case grunge isn’t for you and if you preferred Brit Pop more. I guess all in all it would be amazing to have the Seattle band have a dedicated Rock Band title and that too on the same day they are launching Backspacer. It would be a great promotional move either ways.

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