Paint To The Beat Of Your Own Heat With Beat Sketcher

Paint a fun masterpiece, alone or with buddies, with-in the comfy confines of your living room with the PlayStation Move enabled game Beat Sketcher.

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Artistic expression doesn’t require all the fancy pants stuff one thinks it does. You don’t need expensive paints and brushes bought from an art supply store — just a willingness to open your mind and unleash the floodgates of creation.

Helping to spread the artistic spirit to gamers all over the world is Sony’s Japan Studio with Beat Sketcher — an art creation tool that uses the PlayStation Move as a brush and a high definition television as a wide blank canvas.

Beat Sketcher allows anyone — regardless of skill — to try their talents out and create impressive works of art or just doodle whatever, and then upload and show finished creations onto YouTube or Facebook.

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Music also plays a big part to Beat Sketchers’ overall experience, because as you paint across the screen using the PlayStation Move controller, the accompanying music transforms over time as you draw. Two mediums at once, that double the fun.

With Beat Sketcher there are several modes, to get your Picasso on — such as a free-style mode called Creation Mode, where-in players can openly use any of the numerous tools at hand to paint or draw whatever they choose.

There is also a Challenge Mode in Beat Sketcher that has players try to match brush strokes made by the A.I. in order to recreate beautiful pieces of art. A perfect mode for any gamer without much artistic drawing/painting talent in their fingers (people such as me.)

Plus, what art experience isn’t complete without a (local) multi-player mode. In Beat Sketcher you can invite a group of friends over and have fun seeing what crazy images you can all come up with (even if it’s all just mustaches and cat ears.)

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Already some PlayStation Network users have put Beat Sketcher to the ropes, due to a demo which was released a couple of weeks back – and “Holy Vincent van Gogh Batman!” have they created some impressive pieces so far.

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It’s pretty obvious that a lot different styles of art can be re-created in Beat Sketcher — from funky pop art to traditional impressionist arts that you might see hanging in an art gallery.

Beat Sketcher will be available for download on the PlayStation Network this November 23, with pricing still up in the air.  Yet I’m almost certain it should be in the ten dollar range when it’s released.

After your done painting, how about some good ole’ zombie blasting with Dead Nation, or experience a hyper re-imagining of a 1980’s classic arcade game with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.

Via: PlayStation Blog

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