New PlayStation 3 Models Begin Shipping From Amazon

It seems the world’s largest retailer is shipping out the new CECH-3000 PlayStation 3 models, possibly in preparation to a price cut.


Remember that new PlayStation 3 slim model we told you about in June? The one that’s supposed to cut power consumption, weight, and be all eco-friendly — thus gaining the proud approval of Captain Planet and what have you.

According to a few NeoGaf regulars, it seems that has (at least in the United States) started to ship the new “CECH-3000” model to customers who purchase a PlayStation 3. To be exact, these would be the 3001-A version with 160 GB of hard-drive space and not the 320 GB one we reported back a couple of months ago.

PlayStation 3 Models 3000 by TheBanditKing

Moving on to specifics, when Sony mentioned the removal of certain LED lights on the 3000 models, they weren’t kidding. Both the LED backlighting from the eject/power buttons and the green LED for network activity are gone, gone, gone – along with the glossy finish around the edges of the machine that has been replaced with a matte finish.

PlayStation 3 Models 3000 and 2000 by TheBanditKing

Honestly though, it’s not that big of change, sure the smaller fan inside the machine might be a real concern, but when compared side by side with that of a 2000 model (thanks for the pictures NeoGaf member TheBanditKing,) the two look very similar. If anything the changes made to the 3000 models is again just a cost cutting measure for what seems likely to be an incoming price cut.

And if you’re a good boy and girl (not really,) that might come later this month as speculation from insiders have it that Sony will announce a PlayStation 3 price drop during Gamescom (think E3 but in Germany.) The next industry event is set to take place August 17th through August 21st, and it’s probably here that Sony will take the opportunity to slash the price of their console to $199.99.

Either them or rival Microsoft — whom rumors also have lowering the price on the Xbox 360. Whatever happens though, consumers win in the end (but I really wish it would be Sony, come on guys!)

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