Metal Slug XX: An Uber-cool Arcade Experience

Metal Slug XX is an additional goodie to the already prominent Metal Slug series. It comes with amazing arcade experience and lets you live out your dreams.

metal slug xx

The characters in Metal Slug XX fight General Morden and his vicious army. If you are looking for style, nostalgia and amazing gameplay, Metal Slug XX has it all!

metal slug xx weapon

There are also 70 unlockable missions which make the game truly unique and worthy of buying. You could also play the game with a friend and thus, it would make the gaming experience far more friendly and enjoyable.

metal slug xx screenshot

It comes with 3 difficulty modes and 6 playable characters which means you could use different combinations to enjoy the game. It is one of the cooler games to be launched on the PSP and you could expect it to be released on the 23rd of February.

metal slug xx action

It costs $19.82 and can be pre-ordered right away. You could also take a look at other PSP games such as Shadow of Destiny and TNA.

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