Metal Gear Solid Duck Bento for the Gamers

Presented here is an edible art that’s cute and dangerous at the same time. The bento shown here is that of Ga-Ko, a proud duck in the form of an alarm that helps Sunny cook her eggs in the Metal Gear Solid 4 part of the adventurous series.

A Gamolicious Bento for the Geeks (1)

Well, you all know what a Bento is, right? For those who don’t, Bento is a traditional Japanese lunch box, particularly for the office goers, which is packed with varieties of delicacies made up from rice, fish, meat and other such stuffs. Only this one is exclusively for a gaming freak.

A Gamolicious Bento for the Geeks-3

The duck has been colored yellow by adding egg yolk to the rice. The cooked eggs are held in place by the use of a ring, which is placed on a flattened rice ball. Other vegetables used here are carrots, cucumber, sesame seeds, lettuce and many more good to eat veggies making this art piece here cute and healthy at the same time. This bento makes sure that the food you get is as tasty and healthy as good it looks to be.

A Gamolicious Bento for the Geeks-2

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