Knit Hats for Sackboy Character


Little Big Planet has encouraged great art work spanning from Sackboy Tattoos to Hellboy inspired Sackboy Figure. The latest in the bandwagon is the Homage to Sackboy designed by Em-En. She knows she is good at her knitting skills and she has managed to create a fiery and bright orange hat clad Sackboy.


He looks cheerful enough to brighten the gray skies of London. The orange hat may look quite comfy, but nothing can be more comfortable than getting to play Little Big Planet on a cold wintry afternoon.

Em-En also has another reason to feel great about knitting hats for Sackboy. As Sackie is tiny, knitting hats for him is quick, and instantly gratifying, as Em-En puts it herself. I am sure we shall see many more interesting designs in the future dedicated to Little Big Planet and Sackboy.

Via: MonsterMunch

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