The Half-Life 2 Headcrab Plush: You Better Not Toss It On Your Head Now!

The Headcrab, also popularly known by the name of Headhumpers or Headhoppers are these small but extremely nasty creatures that that lurk in the dark places and look on for some potential human prey, to which they jump on their prey’s head and turn them into zombies! Now I do not think something like that is ever possible in the real world but this freaking plush Headcrab has got me thinking.


This freakishly ugly looking creature comes right out of the game Half-Life2 and is in our world looking for some potential prey, but do not be fooled by it’s plush appearances, underneath all those plush stuffing hide those gruesome and vicious fangs that are good enough to scare any plush predator away!


The high detail just adds to the dangerous appeal of our little Headcrab who sells for $24.99, a good amount to get bitten in the head and get converted into zombies! Or you can check out some of these toys like the Street Fighter Mighty Muggs or the Little Big Planet Toys.Headcrab3


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