Cool Guitar Straps for Guitar Hero and Rockband

Let’s imagine you are playing Guitar Hero or Rockband and the guitar you use to play the game doesn’t exactly look cool enough to feel like a rockstar. What you could actually do is get yourself a funky strap to suit your mood and style. Obleek at Etsy has some really awesome straps that could totally change the way your guitar looks. The first one here comes with Alexander Henry’s Bad Luck Club fabric and trust me, the skulls on this strap look pretty mean.

guitar hero guitar strap art

If you are not bad ass enough to get a strap with weird skulls, you could get the sober one which comes with Guitar Camo. The camouflaged patterns would make you look less bad ass and more “men in uniform” types.

guitar hero guitar strap

If even that does not work with you and you are more of the literary types who would love to play with words, you should get the Rockband/Guitar Hero Strap in Words of Rock. This particular strap reminds me of the belts that were completely in vogue a decade ago, that we happily bought on the “fashion street”.

rock band guitar strap

These straps are 1.5 inches wide and approximately 62 inches long. You could adjust the length and they are made of sturdy leatherette material and come with reinforced stitching. All that head banging is not going to make your guitar strap weaker. Until July 11 you would even get a $2 off! The real cost of these straps is $22.50 and you could also get customized guitar straps to suit your taste.

If you would rather have an amazing guitar instead, then check out the Warbeast guitar or Logitech Guitar Controller.

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