The Demon is Back: The Gene Simmons Kiss Sackboy Doll

KISS ruled the hard rock scene in the 70s and with their breathtaking live performances, Goth like make-up and flamboyant stage outfits and had a huge fan base throughout the world. The Demonic bassist of this band is now back so all you LBP and Kiss fans out there, you can now get your very own, one of a kind Gene Simmons Kiss Sackboy Doll.

The Demon is Back

This adorably deathly Gene Simmons Sackboy Doll is completely hand crocheted and stands 7 inches tall with its pair of flexible limbs. This sackboy version of your hard rock king looks incredibly cool with his tongue out and with the demon make-up totally resembles his lifelike untamed form.

The Demon is Back 2

What’s even cooler is that this little Gene Simmons comes complete with his own crocheted, detachable electric bass guitar and is all set to drive you mad with his spectacular performances right in your home.

The Demon is Back 3

This Sackboy doll makes an awesome gift and is also a collector’s item. So why not gift your Little Big Planet loving geek of a friend one of these and truly make him happy. He would definitely have a wilder life with Gene Simmons to keep him company.

The Gene Simmons Sackboy doll retails at $26 USD on Etsy and with special details like the hair and tongue all hand stitched into this piece it’s a small price to pay to live in the company of your own Gene Simmons.

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