How To Unlock Gouken and Akuma in Street Fighter 4

There have been more than a few difficulties about how to unlock Gouken and Akuma in Street Fighter 4 for the PS3. Well, based on Capcom’s insight…we have the full instructions right below:

How to Unlock Akuma:

First unlock the following characters; Cammy, Fei Long, Dan, Sakura, Rose, and Gen.

Once the Street Fighter characters above are unlocked, pick a character you have already used to beat the game with (in Arcade Mode)

You must win ALL matches WITHOUT even one continue and WITHOUT losing any rounds before reaching Seth.

Get at least one “perfect” win in a round, and more based on how many rounds played each match.

1 round match: 1 perfect round or more

3 round match: 2 perfect rounds or more

5 round match: 3 perfect rounds or more

7 round match: 4 perfect rounds or more

(including the last battle against Seth)

If all this has been achieved, Akuma will be your next opponent, where you must beat him to receive him as a playable character.

How to unlock Gouken:

(also see ALL conditions required below)

Beat Arcade Mode when you are playing as Akuma. You must watch AT LEAST one ending.

Gouken will then appear as an opponent, where you will have to defeat him to receive as a playable character.

Conditions to Unlock Gouken as your opponent on SF4:

Use a character that you have beaten the game with (and watched the ending).

No continues

No losses (NOT EVEN one single round…so play one round matches if you want an easier way)

Get plenty of “PERFECTS” (see below for number required)

1 round matches: 1 Perfect or more

3 round matches: 2 Perfect or more

5 round matches: 3 Perfects or more

7 round matches: 4 Perfects or more

Get plenty of Super-Combos OR Ultra-Combo finishes – both count towards your tally (see below for number required)

1 round matches: 3 times or more

3 round matches: 5 times or more

5 round matches: 7 times or more

7 round matches: 9 times or more

Get plenty of First Attack – must strike first…message on the screen states so (see below for number required)

1 round matches: 5 times or more

3 round matches: 10 times or more

5 round matches: 15 times or more

7 round matches: 20 times or more

If ALL of the above was achieved, Gouken will appear as a boss, where you must beat him to receive as a playable character.

Just to make sure…watch the ending afterward 🙂

For all the moves for the game, check out Street Fighter 4 Characters Moves, Street Fighter 4 Bosses Moves and also the additional SF4 Home Characters Moves.

29 thoughts on “How To Unlock Gouken and Akuma in Street Fighter 4

  1. jon .

    “Get at least one “perfect” win in a round, and more based on how many rounds played each match.”

    so I only have to get ONE perfect on my way up to seth? or do I have to get a perfect in each fight?

  2. gurbz .

    1 per whole thing, would be impossible to get one every time since you also need 3 ultra finishes unless you absorbed your bar to ultra each time… god i just completed it 3x and i didnt watch the movie, can you just watch it from the gallery instead?

  3. joe .

    I have Akuma already and already beat arcade with him. I got Akuma without dying at all even with seth and akuma himself (I used Ryu). The instructions above says it doesnt matter if you die with seth or akuma as long as you beat your prior opponents without losing/continuing. My question is…. Is it the same thing with unlocking gouken? Can I use a continue if i die with seth or gouken and still get gouken? I will be using Akuma btw.

  4. frank .

    u dont know how to get all those character cuz u guy suck! i got them all cuz im the best.. wanna know how? u need to be like me

  5. Peter .

    I loose at Gouken’s level….but here’s how I do the prior things.

    Use Akuma at easiest and 1 round.

    1st and 2nd Round keep using that fire ball thing to kill the enemy with perfect score

    3rd 4th and 5th round keep using that fire ball until the enemy got little blood left (10%), then go near the enemy to ask for some punches and kicks until the Ultra bar appeared to be usable and a bit over the lower limit….then use the ultra skill to finish the enemy.

    of course for the first 5 rounds you will get the first attack thing

    and just keep killing….and you should see Gouken…if you are not sure for how many ultra combo you need….I suggest you kill the enemy with ultra combo every round after first 2 perfect round.

  6. streetboy .

    wtf…. just press LP, LP, MK, MK, HP,HK ,HK,HP,MP,MP,LK,LK while holding the select button 5 times at the title screen before as fast as you can before the it previews a fight or a movie…


    I can challenge anyone and often do. I never lose a fight! I am undefeated with all characters and you some how think this information is useful? I am the greatest street fighter champ of all time, the asians look up to me as if I was a god, they worship me and sacrifice their blood for the good of my skill and you have the nerve to doubt that? I challenge all of you to a duel, I will beat you, you can have handicap i will still win.

  8. BigCNell on the PS Network .

    To unlock Akuma, those instructions are BULLSHYT. I have done that shyt 5 times already and still Akuma aint unlocked. I mean is anyone else having this problem??

  9. dude .

    Unlock Akuma:
    -Get one perfect its all you need
    -Do not die on any round up to (but not including) seth
    -Beat Akuma on final level

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  15. kingsy .

    just use dhalsim and spam his high punch move…works wonders when trying to get a perfect….helps heaps if you actually learn his movelist because he’s awesome

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