Final Fantasy XIII 250GB PS3 Slim Edition

Both PS3 Slim fans and Final Fantasy lovers could unite for two reasons: one that a new 250GB PS3 Slim is coming out and also that it has cool new Final Fantasy 13 graphics all over it.

final fantasy xiii ps3 slim bundle

Unlike the previous PS3 Slim Colorware paint job, this one doesn’t just have a one color design but includes a ceramic white coating and a Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Character printed in pink on top. Moreover, the PS3 Slim controller will also be in ceramic white, making for a beautiful White PS3 Slim set.

Wow! This will definitely make some people happy when it is released on December 17th, 2009 in Japan. Also, this is actually official and not like the Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim Mod we seen before being made as a conceptual design, so at least we know it is real.

ps3 slim final fantasy xiii

Via: Slashgear

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