Sony Playstation Enso Concept Can Be Stuck to the Ceiling

We have come across a number of PS3 controllers that let you play games like there is absolutely no tomorrow. While most of these controllers and PlayStation concepts are certainly cool, that does not stop designers from creating newer and more futuristic concepts.

ps3 console enso version

Designer Harold Smook has created the Sony PlayStation Enso concept which comes with two hand held controllers, and a device to insert the disc and stick on the ceiling.

new enso ps3 concept

The reason why the console is stuck to the ceiling is because it radiates a certain type of luminosity which allows you to play video games without being grounded to your floor.

PS3 Enso controller

The light allows you to hold the controllers in left and right hands and simulate real life shooting, racing and golfing. In fact, you would never have to sit and play games and grow fatter and fatter day by day.

playstation 3 enso concept

The Enso concept allows you to replicate the action of any hand movement of any type, and thanks to the ergonomic placing of buttons, it becomes all the more easy to play a variety of games.

new ps3 console enso

The console and the controllers are tastefully designed, and the idea of sticking the console to the ceiling is great. You could check out a similar outlandish concept called the PlayStation Nano Blue Sky project or the crazy PS3 Mods and Designs.

ps3 concept enso design

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