Sony is Offering PS3 Buyers a Free Game for a Limited Time

If you don’t own a PlayStation 3 yet, it may be time to think about purchasing one. Sony is offering a free game with the purchase of a 120GB PS3 system now until August 21, 2010.

Free Game with PS3

Now the good part, these aren’t just throwaway games. Really, they aren’t. These are AAA real-deal first-party PS3 games. The choices include: MAG, the online multiplayer shoooter with support for up to 256 players in one map; Uncharted 2, the platformer/shooter game and my personal game of the year for 2009; White Knight Chronicles, the PlayStation 3 RPG; MotorStorm Pacific Rift, an off-road racer; Heavy Rain, a mystery adventure with some of the most awkward controls ever put into a game; and ModNation Racers, a racer in which players can build custom tracks to share and race on with friends.

The system is available through the Sony Style site, which is the company’s official online retail site. Customers deciding to jump on the PS3 wagon simply buy the system with the bundle they want to purchase.

It’s been pointed out that the system is on back-order right now, but the offer should still be valid. Meaning that you can buy the system, and still receive the free game. It just won’t arrive until they can replenish stock.

Maybe this will make for the boost in sales that Sony needs in order to keep themselves competitive with the Xbox 360, which just saw a redesign less than two months ago and has since taken the lead in sales for the month of July topping both the Wii and the PS3. Though this may only be a temporary spike in sales for Microsoft’s system. Still, their rivals have to cease any opportunity they can to stay ahead of the competition.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Sony plans on carrying out this deal in stores. You will have to purchase online if you want to receive the free game. It’s not a bad deal either way.

The system is available for $399 for the 120GB model and each of the games are valued at $59.99.

Recently Sony updated the HDD in the system, which isn’t an unusual business tactic for the company. Why not have a look at Uncharted 2 while your deciding on which game to buy with your new PS3?

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