PS3 Xbox Controller Mod Attracts Attention to the Original PS3 Controller’s Inadequacies

There are many people who have complained about the lack of ergonomic techniques applied while designing the PS3 controller. Many people have come to believe that the Xbox controller has a better approach to using our fingers and hands while playing games.

ps3 xbox mod 1

Thus, here is a modder who has gone ahead to create a PS3 Xbox Thumbstick Switch, which makes sure that you have a PS3 controller that looks and behaves like an Xbox controller.

ps3 xbox mod 2

You would however need the older Xbox controller. He has also given detailed instructions as to how one could build a controller like that and get rid of the unnecessary innards of a PS3. Once the assemblage of the PS3 is done within an Xbox controller, you would get a gadget that is not 9only easier to handle but is also great to play with.

ps3 xbox mod 3

Hardcore Sony fans might disagree, but then I guess it all depends on how comfortable you are with your own gadgets, and what you have grown used to using.

ps3 xbox mod 5

If Sony could take a look at all the dissent against the PS3 controller, I am sure they could come up with a more user-friendly PS3 controller which would render such opposition to Sony controllers useless. You could also take a look at the Benheck PS3 Controller Monitor and the Lego PS3 Controller.

Via: Wuu Diy

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