Sackboy Finally Gets a Sackgirl Girlfriend


Deba822 has created a Sackgirl who measures six inches while sitting and would be a great addition to your collection of game art collection. In an upright position, she measures 8 inches and is completely hand crocheted.


Sackboy with all his shocking cuteness lacked a girl to keep him company when he needed it the most. Well, he doesn’t have to spend lonely nights any longer. We all had been almost believing that Sackboy would never find a partner of his choice. However, this girl has been forced upon poor Sackie though he doesn’t look unhappy at all in the picture!


She has a chocolate brown color which seems to be contrasted with straw yellow hair, which reminds me of a mutated version of Goldilocks.


I feel she looks a little too large when you compare her size with that of her male counterpart. I guess no one is complaining and the cute pair would be quite compatible with each other.


The crocheted Sackgirl costs $40 and on request, you could also buy matching Sackboys from Deba822’s store at Etsy. If you were wondering how she could be given a revamping, you could check out the Sackgirl Costume in the LBP costume collection.

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