Pixelized Ryu is Made Up Of Rubik’s Cube

Ryu, the fighter from the legendary Street Fighter series has always found a place in his fan’s hearts which is clearly visible in their art works and this piece of art here is another example in the long list.


This artwork by Ion3vman looks like any other highly zoomed picture of Ryu when looked at from a distance, but when closely inspected, you get to see the “true picture”; the graphic art has been made up of 342 Rubik’s Cube! How anyone take the pain of solving 342 Rubik’s cube and them realigning the color according to the desired pattern? This whole idea seems like a nightmare to me and even thinking about it gives me goose bumps, let alone doing it practically. The design shows the fighter submitting a “Hadoken” – Ryu’s special attack where he throws a fireball at the enemy – on the right side hinting he is the first player.

The art is made up of small Rubik’s Cubes and the dimension of this piece is about 1200mm x 1200mm x 80mm approximately and it weighs a whopping 32kg. The creator of this art piece also makes it clear that he hasn’t fiddled around with stickers or manipulated the cube in any way so as to make the whole thing nonsense. To see a high resolution picture, click on the image.

For all Street fighter fans out there who are in love with Ryu, you shouldn’t miss the Ryu Clay Sculpture or the Ryu head tattoo, where he is again depicted submitting a Hadoken.

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