Ryu Clay Sculpture


Capcom’s Ryu surely took the world by storm thanks to the popularity of Street Fighter. Ryu and his powers have been used and misused by this time around, and he has provided the required inspiration to Jun the sculptor who is still creating a masterpiece.


The sculptor took about 3 months to create Ryu’s sinewy sculpture with a posture that is quite not a hadouken. The artist had to go through the process of tidying up, smoothening the creases, naturalization and texturing of the clay. Only 15-20 minutes were dedicated to the making of Ryu sculpture as a hurried work of art does not remain art anymore. Jun, the sculptor certainly knew what had to be done when doing something as great as creating Ryu’s sculpture.


I can actually see Ryu’s growth from being a crow legged muscle man to a strong and muscular, able bodied sculpture that could give all the Greek gods a run for their money. Now we can all gloss over the coolness of Street Fighter 4 and how one could spend hours playing the beloved game. If you want the sculpture, you could always contact Jun and request, or learn how to make it yourself!

Via: FXConsole

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