Sackboy Cup Comforter


There has been a barrage of Sackboy related art and now we are slowly beginning to see a number of Sackboy merchandise as well. One of the examples of such art is the number of Sackboy Costumes we have already seen. In addition, the Sackgirl Doll is a true eye opener about how Sackboy’s girl might look like.


The fans of Little Big Planet must be the luckiest ones for there are now even Sackboy Cup Comforters designed by SarahBeeCreations. These cup comforters allow you to hold your drink in a cup without feeling either the heat or the cold. You could choose to drink freezing fruit drinks or hot coffee without feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, you would have the pleasure of holding something warm and soft when using the cups.


You could also let the designer know if you want your Sackboy in a happy, sad or mad mood. These Cup Comforters are made from cotton blend yarn, which comes with recycled felt features. This also means you are staying clean and green when you are having that favorite drink of yours with Sackboy. Each of these Cup Comforters cost $9.50 and I am sure you would love to buy not one, but many!


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