Enjoy PS3 gaming with NASCAR Wireless Headset

If you want to take your PS3 gaming to a new level, try using the NASCAR Wireless Headset that comes with an eye-catching and stylish design, and features Bluetooth Technology.

NASCAR Wireless Headset

If you have been yearning for wire-free communication with your team mates and other users on the PlayStation Network, this convenient, hands-free wireless headset costing Enhance your Game. $39.99 will be your ideal bet.

This headset uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology, thus enabling you to operate it from a distance of up to 30ft from the console. You may even use it with devices like PDAs, cell phones, and computers. Thanks to the high quality, noise-reducing microphone, the NASCAR Wireless Headset allows you to enjoy your online gaming sessions with superior, crystal-clear sound. Since the design is lightweight and compact, your ears won’t ache or complain when you use it. So, gear up to make the most of your PS3 gaming sessions with this headset.

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