PS3 Giveaway Poster Looks Jubilant

If you were wondering how you could spend your free time if you knew a little Photoshop, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you. Craig Parkinson too realized that he could very well create a really awesome poster for a PS3 giveaway using Photoshop. If you took a closer look, you would actually be forgiven if you mistook it for a real and commercial poster.

ps3 giveaway poster

He has designed it for the Sony PS3 game system of 250 GB and has a happy looking guy reveling in the pleasures of PS3 gaming. With a warning of “18 and above”, it is almost tempting to know what he is playing on the console! If you are planning to have a pS3 giveaway or if you belong to a company that organizes competitions, and shows, you could contact Craig to design a cool poster for you.

Of course, he may design it better when it comes to PlayStation products. There have been many advertisements and posters that we have written about earlier, and I am sure you would like to take a look at a couple of them. You could take a look at the Mexican PS3 Ad Posters and the Promotional Posters for PS4.

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