New PS3 Firmware Update 3.00 Navigational Features

With the new PS3 Slim arriving so closely, Sony has announced that a new PS3 Firmware Update 3.00 is in the works, and will focus on newly designed Navigation features which will surely excite PS3 fans.

ps3 firmware update  version 3.00

The previous PS3 Firmware 2.80 didn’t provide too many features, which adds to the anticipation towards this upcoming release, for you can see below the various new features, along with an official video from Sony.

When it will launch, the new Firmware Update will be ready for download through Sony’s System Updates.

PS3 Firmware Update V3.00 Features and Design

The new Version 3 Playstation 3 firmware hopes to make your Playstation Network and usability a lot more enjoyable, quicker, and friendlier by enhancing its design, usability and actual practical and useful features.

First and foremost, the Xross Media Bar (XMB) is looking much better, making it easy to use for newbies and PS3 veterans.

Other notable changes in this PS3 Firmware 3.0 Update:

– The previous Information board is changing to a “What’s New” section, which covers practically all useful news right as you start your PS3. It will update quickly on PS3 news, latest PS3 Games, Playstation video and other important information you as a major PS3 gamer need to know and have right in front of you.

– A new Indicator icon has now been added, so you have quick information right at your reach such as your Avatar and important details, friend’s list and which are currently Online, and also pending messages that deserve your attention. In addition, a PS3 News Ticker was added, so current updates are changed automatically, allowing you to stay in focus and be in the game (PS3 Game and Playstation Network). Furthermore, another cool feature that was added allows you to press the PS button and thus moving the Battery Life from hiding the clock; seems like a feature that is well overdue.

– The list of Friends is changing a little bit, simply allowing an easier view and also granting the ability to view messages from friends within their actual friend’s profile.

– The Game and Video categories will now include a PS3 Store Shortcut, so you are even closer to finding that new video, game or downloadable content you have been waiting for.

– Personalization of you Playstation 3 comes in handy now, with new free and Premium avatars being provided. Moreover, new dynamic PS3 themes are provided, which will now include some animated background and making teh PS3 world more like you wish it to be.

– Showcasing your PS3 Trophies has also been stepped up, by allowing actual game developers to change the showcasing fo the trophies. For others, the trophies will remain as a list, but will now be viewed in subcategories and Add-Ons.

This new update has not been released yet, but will surely be the next big thing besides the PS3 Slim that fans will be waiting for.

Via: Blog Playstation

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