Tekken PS3 Skins Used for Marketing Purposes by Bandai

Arcade fans would know how cool it is to play Tekken series, for there is something uniquely violent about the game. In order to market Tekken 6, Namco Bandai has unveiled some amazing Tekken 6 limited edition PS3 skins. Before you get really excited, we would like to disappoint you by saying they are not for the general public though the company has created as many as 200 Tekken PS3 skins.

tekken 6 ps3 mod skin

It is hard to understand why a company would like to tease its followers by not giving something after marketing it. The answer could be that Bandai is not marketing the Tekken PS3 Skins themselves, but instead is marketing Tekken 6 vigorously to PS3 users. The skin also provides information about the game and there seem to be new characters including a fat guy called Bob.

The game would feature new moves and enhanced and rich graphics which would make the game really cool when it is released in October 2009. If you really want the Tekken PS3 Skin mod, you may have to hold a protest in front of the Bandai office or, make your own Tekken PS3 Skin using some cool Photoshop skills if you have them.

If you want your PS3 to look different than it does now, you might also want to check out the other PS3 skins we have written about earlier. The PS3 Skin Sticker could be a great temporary way to mod your PS3 and if you don’t like it, then you could just remove it. Also, do check out the Amazing PS3 Skins.

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