PlayStation Store Possibly Up By May 24

Sony has informed it’s industry partners that coming this week on Tuesday, we might see the relaunch of the PlayStation Store.

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If there could possibly be a final chapter to all this PlayStation Network outage brouhaha, then it has to be the reopening of the PlayStation Store. Even though a majority of the services for the PlayStation Network have gradually sprigged back to life, the central hub of digital entertainment commerce for it hasn’t – but that’s soon to change come next week.

Sony in a recent memo notified industry publishers and developers that the PlayStation Store is on tap to reopen for business Tuesday, May 24. Good news, indeed — and really a true sign that things are finally back to normal for PlayStation 3 users.

Continuing with the details though — soon after the PlayStation Store relaunches, Sony will update its content (games, demos, PlayStation Home items) twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, as it was mentioned in the PlayStation Network Q & A that was posted a few days ago on the PlayStation Blog.

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This double push of online content is in place to make up for the almost four weeks the PlayStation Network was down – so content that was supposed to drop on April 26, will do so this coming Tuesday, and then on Friday May 27 – items that were scheduled for May 3. Updates will continue in this fashion until throughout the rest of May until June 7, when the PlayStation Store is expected to be up to date.

Now if you remember correctly, days prior the PlayStation Blog also revealed the inner workings for the “Welcome Back” customer appreciation program, but didn’t give out a specific date as to when it would begin — only that once the PlayStation Store was up and running that a announcement would be then made to inform customers of when they would be able to choose their free content.

I’m pretty sure that after a couple of days when the PlayStation Store is good and healthy, we will most likely see an announcement of when the “Welcome Back” customer appreciation program will begin — so stay tuned here.

Via: Gamasutra

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