PlayStation Now Beta Video Leaks, Shows Killzone 3 in Action

The PlayStation Now beta is currently live in the US, with American testers being able to try out Sony’s streaming service and now, footage of it has leaked.


When it comes to leakers, we have much to be thankful for, as they are almost impossible to stop, like a speeding freight train on a greased up set of tracks, the information that they deliver is precious and the creators of the leaked material can usually do nothing about it. Let us gather round and collectively praise leakers once again, then, as we now have fresh information about PlayStation Now, Sony’s upcoming game streaming service (which is currently in a North American beta) via one of those lucky beta testers who has also tested out his amateur cameraman skills with a new video capturing PS Now in action.

Matthew Jones is the YouTuber’s name and the information in the above video explains a lot of things. For one, we can expect Helghast blaster and PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3, to be available via PlayStation Now, perhaps meaning that Sony will market PlayStation Now as an entry point for many users who they’d like to board the Sony boat and never look back. As useful as that feature is, Sony will also want a comprehensive list of titles that doesn’t just span first party exclusives because as highly rated as they may be, popular franchise that some never got a chance to play will also reel people in. However, as this video captures just one experience of Sony’s PlayStation Now offerings, this is just a suggestion and not a warning to those interested in the service.

Also noticeable, and more worrying for those who would like to throw all of their discs to the wind and put their faith in gaming in the cloud, is that according to Jones’ footage of PlayStation Now in action, the service takes a few minutes to fully boot up, leading us to question whether or not the service will be a viable one once it’s out in the wild and thousands of people from across several territories are testing the strains on Sony’s servers. Again, PlayStation Now is in beta and so these are issues that can be ironed out with more testing.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: VG247

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