PlayStation Controller Alias CAD Renders Looks Awesome

Sometimes you just can’t believe what you find on the net when you are looking for cool PS3 controllers. You might be looking for something completely insane but you would end up finding something cool and chic.

ps3 controller 3D

Here is a cool PlayStation Controller also called CAD Renders, which has been designed by Nathan Wright. On the first look, it looks like a well designed but normal PS3 controller. The grey colour and the ergonomic design allow you to switch between analogue and digital modes in a jiffy.

ps3 controller 3D CAD renders

The real icing on the cake is the way the PlayStation Controller makes use of AutoCAD in order to get these 3D images of the insides of the controller. The controller has a really simple design and what I like most about these simple controllers is that the simplicity makes things a lot easier. Moreover, looking at the CAD Renders, you could see that it comes with a great grip and would be easy to play games with it.

ps3 controller 3D CAD

I am not sure if the controller would ever be manufactured and if it comes with any other cool features but the highlight of the design seems to be its aesthetic appeal. Of course, it is also Bluetooth enabled and thus can work wireless. You could also check out this cool Twisted PS3 Controller which makes use of Biomimicry. If you like something that excites your tactile senses, try the Hot and Cold PS3 Controllers.

ps3 controller 3D bluetooth

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