NVIDIA PhysX Technology SDK for the PS3


One may soon expect to see better quality games on the PS3 as NVIDIA Corporation has signed an agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. As part of the agreement, registered PS3 developers can download binary version of NVIDIA® PhysX® technology software development kit.

The kit comes with a full featured API and a physics engine which would allow game designers, animators, and other artists to create effects in games which are more realistic than what we see on the PS3 today. This could also mean that trees would swing in a more realistic fashion when the wind blows and water would appear to flow with a force not seen before.

The PhysX technology source code is available directly at NVIDIA and games developed with this technology would create a lifelike interaction between game characters and objects. This could have a tremendous impact on games that feature a lot of blood and gore. It would be really interesting as lifelike blood and gore may seem more gruesome than a slight artificial touch to these characters. Nevertheless, it certainly is something to look forward to, and I am sure developers around the world would be excited about this new development.


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