Comic Book Download Coming to the PSP


Comic lovers would be pleased to know that many big names in digital comics would be up for download on the PSP. It is not sure if the comics would be made available in the a la carte form or as a subscription in Europe. Nevertheless, the comics are expected to cost $3 and would support panel by panel reading. This would help the fans to read the comics as the author intended to.

In the Asian countries, Manga, and other comics can be easily downloaded thanks to privacy. However, the scene is a little different in Europe where most of the comics need to be purchased and readers usually wait till the comics are translated from English to other European languages. This is a download package however and would not come with all the voicing and SFX you may think would come with digital comics.

However, what beats me is that why people would choose to read the comics for $3, which is about the same price as that of the real copy. Reading on the PSP is certainly not as easy as reading in real print. Nevertheless, if you are always on the move and can’t live without comics, you may not need to carry a bundle of them with you always, and instead use your PSP to read them!

Via: Destructoid

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