New PSP Colors


There seems to be no let up in the barrage of news we have been hearing from PlayStation lately, and the recent one is a Japanese ad that showcases PSP in new vibrant colors (video below). Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow, Radiant Red, and Splitted Green are the colors available along with the previous four colors. Unfortunately, it is being advertised in Japan and hence you could forget the possibility of it arriving in the Western world anytime soon.

These colorful PSPs would cost $279 each and with that, you would get a 4GB Pro Duo Memory Stick, a PSP pouch and a wrist strap for you to keep your treasure in place. It also comes with a cloth bundle and hence is quite a good deal. If you can’t wait till it reaches the west, you could get yourself one at PlayAsia, though it would be a little more expensive to you.

Having PSPs available in so many colors is a visual treat, but I would also like to see a few new titles release for the world’s favorite portable console. This ad gets me thinking, for we had recently read about the New PSP Rumor. Would this suggest that the rumors were just rumors and what we are really going to see are some colorful versions of the good old PSP?

Via: LootNinja

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